Understanding & Coaching Mental Toughness

Raymond has nearly a decade of experience educating athletes and coaches about building mental toughness. With his unique experiences, education, and a passion for helping others pursue the limits of their potential, Raymond takes a refreshing approach to mental training.

Raymond works with athletes, teams, and coaches at professional, Olympic, NCAA, amateur, and youth sport levels. His clients include professional athletes, Olympic Gold Medalists, individual and team National Champions, National Coach of the Year Award winners, individual and team Conference Champions, and countless NCAA All-Americans in a variety of sports.

Raymond has a firm commitment to growing sport shooting in its many disciplines and he continues to provide peak performance training to many college shooters and teams, including the 19-time National Champion West Virginia University Rifle team, Olympic level shooters domestically and internationally, and shooters of all levels who want to enjoy shooting more and perform at their best.

As coaches you have a unique and powerful impact on the mentality of your athletes. The purpose of this resource is to provide you with accurate and usable information about mental toughness and some strategies for you to coach mental toughness in your athletes to build more confident and consistent performances as well and a more enjoyable sport shooting experience. As coaches, you’ve certainly seen a mentally tough athlete. A mentally tough athlete approaches competition with great energy... yet remains calm. A mentally tough athlete gives their best effort day in and day out…A mentally tough athlete is aware of what is going on in the immediate environment... yet remains focused on only what is relevant to successfully completing the task at hand. A mentally tough athlete is invested in helping others improve their performance as well.


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