The Olympic Path - Making a USAS Team

To make a USA Shooting Team and compete in the Olympic Games is a process not a single event that qualifies an athlete for the Olympic Games.

The USOC’s mandate to all US Olympic sports national governing bodies is to “win medals”. USOC support is based on an NGB’s performance in the Games. USA Shooting’s selection process and athlete support is based on performance also. USA Shooting wants to select and send a shooting team that has the greatest chances of winning medals.

The Olympic path for athletes and coaches is frequently a long term commitment. It takes dedication and sacrifice both in time, travel expenses, equipment and ammo expenses, coaching and practice time which is not a two or three sessions per week commitment.

This is an Advanced Rifle, Pistol, and Shotgun Coach certification prerequisite course.

If you talk to the top medal winning shooting athletes you will discover their training philosophy is to train harder than their competitors. Not all athletes who choose the Olympic path will have the dedication and commitment to ‘train harder than their competitors’. As Matt Emmons said in an interview, “its hard work but fun work”. A coach can make the difference between ‘fun work’ and ‘not so fun work’. A coach can make the difference between a talented athlete staying on the Olympic path and one that quits.


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