Standing Advanced Techniques

Standing is considered by many competitive shooters the most challenging because the points of contact with the ground are only the feet and the only way to support the body is with the position itself. However, those shooters that are achieving consistent and high scores will tell you the opposite. These dedicated athletes have spent years working with their position.

Describing the basic standing position can fill its own book and the variations could fill volumes. Even with that said, the position and technique of the top shooters continues to evolve. The standing position boils down to its fundamentals that are shared with all positions. Those fundamentals are the proper construction of the support elements, balance, and paying close attention to the Natural Point of Aim.

As with many aspects of shooting positions there is a base position with many variations and standing is no different with two main schools of thought. First is the current evolution of the standing position developed since the beginning of competitive shooting. The second school of thought is variations of the current evolution based on an individual’s body type and composition. In this chapter we will consider the current evolution as the “Fundamental Position”. Let’s learn the Fundamental Position of Standing.

This is an Advanced Rifle Coach certification prerequisite course.


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