Shotgun Preshot Routine

In this course we will discuss the why and how of pre-shot routines.
In ATA trap, on average, only about 13 seconds passes between the time you shoot one target and call for the next.  In International trap, it is approximately one minute between targets. Both sports utilize a preshot routine but because of the great amount of difference in time involved between shots, the preshot routines are very different.

In ATA, you are pretty busy getting the gun unloaded, the empty disposed of or stored and the gun reloaded.  There is not much time for your mind to wander so the preshot routine can be simple and short.

In International, or bunker, trap on the other hand, with a minute available your mind can wander and you can get into all kinds of trouble, engaging in various non-productive thoughts.

In bunker trap, you shot, unload and reload your gun, when the shooter to your right completes his shot, you then walk to the next station.  When the second shooter, to your right, completes his shot, you can assume your station and prepare to shoot.  But you still have about 40 seconds before your turn to shoot.  That can be a long time.

In double trap, that time is used to find and memorize the hold points and look points for the first bird on the next pair.  That itself can occupy the mind very well.  In trap there is lots of time for the mind to wander and unwanted thoughts can slip in.  The preshot routine is used to fill that time.

This is an Advanced Shotgun Coach certification prerequisite course.


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