Shotgun Drills

In teaching the shotgun sports the use of drills is a necessity. Drills accelerate learning. The repetition in drills builds myelin. With drills you can isolate and teach specific skills. Many drills do not require the expenditure of ammunition and can be done off range and in bad weather. Drills teach the fundamentals. In early season 75% of the shots fired should be drills.

Unfortunately drills can be boring and tedious. A successful coach will find a way to make drills fun. Try turning drills into a game such as “PIG” or “HORSE”. The proper use of drills within Decision Training concepts is a very powerful training tool.

Learning Objectives:
- Establish a solid stance
- Develop good balance through the shot
- Develop smooth and level swing
- Establish the natural point of aim
- Promote good visual habits of staying centered and on target

This is an Advanced Shotgun Coach certification prerequisite course.


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