Shotgun Exercises - strengh/conditioning

There are two modules to this course:

#1 - Shotgun physical exercise course

Dr. Cathy Arnot is a professor at the University of South Carolina as well as one of USA shootings team physical therapist’s. Her presentation will talk about sport specific training for the shotgun athlete.

Here is what is covered. First, the characteristics of all elite athletes, the importance of cardiovascular, strength and flexibility exercises for shooting athletes; the American College of Sports Medicine recommendations for fitness; common impairments specific to shotgun athletes; and then exercises to correct those impairments.

#2 - Eye exercises

This presentation addresses the issue of eye fatigue.  Vision exercises generally do little to improve one’s eyesight, but they can help improve one’s vision.  For our purposes, we define eyesight as how your eyes score at the doctor’s office (20-20; 20-40; etc.).  Vision is defined as how well you use that eyesight.  In other words, two people with the same eyesight will probably not perform the same in various tests of vision. 

For example, in a car full of people driving through the woods, you will find that some people are better at being the first to spot wild animals.  That is not chance, it is because those people have what we call “hunter’s eyes”, they have trained and conditioned their eyes to recognize certain visual clues that indicate there is an animal there.  Furthermore, those who do the best at seeing animals in the woods do not necessarily have the best eyesight.  They are just better at making very good use of the eyesight they have; for a particular purpose.
In a similar fashion, we want our shooters to train their vision to make the best possible use of the eyesight they have for the purpose of being the best shooter they can be.

The vision exercises presented here have another very important purpose other than helping your eyes get better at acquiring and tracking targets.  Faithful visual exercises will also provide visual stamina which will provide your best vision during the longest, most tiring of competitions.  When your eyes get tired…you are tired, and that is no way to excel in competition.

This is an Advanced Shotgun Coach certification prerequisite course.


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