Rifle Electronic System Scoring

While it appears Electronic Targets scores themselves, that is not always the case. On occasion, the targets do not function as they are suppose to, and it is up to the Classification Jury to resolve the situation.
It is not always the target’s problem, it could also be the shooter’s.

Electronic targets function by measuring the location of the shot as it goes through the targets. This happens by several methods. As the shot goes through the paper or rubber on the target, microphones strategically placed on the target pick up the noise of the bullet going through the air or punched through the paper/rubber. The micro-computer in the system can then determine the location of the shot.

Electronic targets or shooters are not fool proof. Things can go wrong. Such as:
Shot not registered or not displayed on the monitor.
Challenge score
Paper strip/rubber band fails to advance
It is only through a thorough knowledge of the system and the ISSF rules, can an official properly adjudicate the situation.

This is an Advanced Rifle Coach certification prerequisite course.


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