Prone Advanced Techniques

Prone is the most stable position. Optimizing the shooter’s stability is key to superior performance. Without a steady position and properly executed shot process, deep tens will not be possible.

This course has two parts. At the end of this lesson, you should be able to know the difference between ”outer” and “inner” position and how they affect performance.

The high position requires a more upright position. This provides more stress on the left elbow which can cause pain and numbness during firing.

The low position has the athletes’ shoulders low to the ground and the left fore-arm at least a 30 degree angle. This low position will provide a lower center of gravity and less and less pressure on the left elbow. Due to the lower position, the athlete must tilt their head upright which may cause their eyes to be directed near their eyebrow and cause eye strain.

Part 2 of the Prone Advanced Techniques is provided by Ernie Vande Zande, who has won 36 team and individual championships and set more than 200 national records.

This is an Advanced Rifle Coach certification prerequisite course.


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