Pistol Rules Test

This is an open book test. Have your Pistol ISSF/USAS rule book handy before starting the test.

If you do not have a USA Shooting Rule book, you can find one on our website at www.usashooting.org.

The purpose of this test is to provide the applicant with a basic knowledge of the main sections to be used in the rule book when conducting a USA Shooting sanctioned competition and the ability to navigate the sections when applying rules during the event.  The sections used to answer the questions in this test are the USA Shooting General Regulations, USA Shooting General Technical Rules and the USA Shooting Pistol Rules.

As a pistol coach you are expected to know the ISSF/USAS rules not only for sanctioned competitions, but when working with your athletes' guns, equipment, clothing, etc. so that they do not violate any rules prior to a sanctioned competition and understand how the competition will be conducted.

If the athlete's equipment is altered/modified and they are use to training with it, then discover that they have to change or replace something, it will affect their performance in a very negative way.

The Pistol Rules test is exactly the same test required by USAS Competitions to obtain the Officials/Referee certification. Except that this Coach Academy test will only ask True or False questions and will not require entering the exact rule number like the Competitions rule test for becoming a USAS Official/Referee.

For the purposes of the Advanced Coach certification it requires that you to attain a minimum of 80% correct answers to pass the test.

This test could be used to prepare for taking the USAS Competitions Officials/Referee test. 

This is an Advanced Pistol Coach certification prerequisite course.


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