Advanced Pistol Techniques

The proper pistol position is the foundation of a stable position. While each individual is different and their shooting position may vary from one shooter to another, the biomechanical and kinesiological principles are universal across all body types.

The elements of a good position include:
Bone Support
Natural Point of Aim
Postural stability during slow firing is normally considered a static action. Rapid/timed/sustained fire is considered a dynamic action.

Because of the difference, the shooter’s stance may vary from one to another. During a dynamic action the body is moving and maintaining balance may require a wider stance to accommodate the body’s motion, while a static action may have better balance with a narrower stance. The effect of recoil and follow-on shots during a static action is normally not an issue because precision firing is done one shot at a time.

This is an Advanced Pistol Coach certification prerequisite course.


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