Paper Target Scoring – Pistol

Electronic targets have done a great job of eliminating human subjectivity. However, many matches are still being fired on paper targets. The challenge for the scorer(s) is to be as “objective” as possible. Do the best job you can. The scorers should take pride in their scoring. If they make a mistake, they should take it as a personal affront. Scoring should be done fairly. If the scorer scores too easy, it may benefit the shooter but it unfair to all other competitors. It is vitally important that all scoring be done fairly and accurately.

Remember, in the final analysis, the competitor is responsible for authenticating his or her score during the allowed challenge period.

Tools needed: Appropriate scoring gauges, overlays, magnifying glass, penlight, current USAS/ISSF rule book. A transparent overlay may come in handy. In scoring ten bull targets, a shallow wooden box with holes cut out to match the location of the ten scoring targets (less sighters) is also very useful.

Learning Objectives:
- Learn how to score air pistol targets.
- Learn how to score outdoor targets
- Learn how to score smallbore pistol targets.

This is an Advanced Pistol Coach certification prerequisite course.


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