Common Core Courses

Common Core Courses are applicable across all disciplines - rifle, pistol, shotgun or Paralympic shooting sports.
Course Name Length
Getting Started with ePath
Anti Doping - USADA
Coach Code of Conduct
Safe Sport Policy
Double-Goal Coach: Coaching for Winning and Life Lessons
Athlete Code of Conduct
Brain Targeted Training
Decision Making Training
Diagnostic Methodology
Effective Communication
Goal Setting
High Performance Coaching Tips
Mental Fitness
Motor Skills
Olympic & Paralympic History
Physical Fitness
Quiet Eye
Sport Psychology
Sport Psychology by Sean McCann
Strength and Conditioning
Team travel and management
Training Plans
ASEP - Basic Coaching Principles
The Olympic Path - Making a USAS Team
Youth Athlete Development
Understanding & Coaching Mental Toughness
Plan to Win
Suicide Prevention
Preventing Bullying Behaviors
Orion Scoring System training for new users
Communicating with Millenials
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