Kneeling Advanced Techniques

With all of the angles, joints, and variables in the kneeling position, it can be very challenging and try a shooter’s patience. Kneeling is a position that takes a tremendous amount of time before it will feel normal. It can feel different each day even though the adjustments are exactly the same.

After coaching shooters in the kneeling position for a long time, it becomes easier to pick out possible problem areas. It is common for beginning shooters to want to shoot across their position. Instead of their shoulders facing the target, they pivot away from the target (to the right for a right handed shooter) approaching more than a 45 degree angle. There is less stability in this position.

The learning objectives are:
- The shooter must know how to identify their inner position.
- The shooter must identify the different techniques used with different body types.
- The shooter must give changes a chance to take hold.

This is an Advanced Rifle Coach certification prerequisite course.


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