Goal Setting

Goal setting is important to the athlete and the coach. Goals must specifically state what is to be achieved or performed. Goals must be measurable or in some manner have a way to tell if they have been achieved. Goals must be relevant so that if time and energy are spent in reaching them, they actually aid in reaching the athlete’s long term goals. Goals must be attainable, achievable yet challenging. If the goal is too easy, the athlete is bored and is not motivated to strive for improvement. If the goal is too hard, the athlete is demoralized and again does not strive for improvement.

Goals must include a time component or time limit. Without the timeliness component, the goal is still only a dream or a wish. Even long term goals must have a time associated with them. This part of the goal focuses the athlete on thinking about what they need to do now. The athlete should some how enjoy working their goals and experiencing a good feeling of achievement of their goals.

Goals need to be periodically reviewed, adjusted, changed, updated, based on what is learned and how its applied to achieve short term and long term goals.

This is an Advanced Rifle, Pistol, and Shotgun Coach certification prerequisite course.


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